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A thorough evaluation and funding process



  • Due to our funding limitations, we are only able to consider LOI's from one research team at any given institution within a one-year time frame.

  • Funding is restricted to those organizations providing proof of IRS 501(c)(3) status. Applications are not accepted from individuals or for-profit entities.

  • Budget requests are for first-year funding only.

  • We do not fund large equipment purchases or travel expenses. We will not fund more than 10% for indirect costs.

  • Most grant funding is between $60,000 to $100,000. The Foundation has co-funded and has provided partial funding for more costly research projects.

  • All organizations accepting Campbell Foundation funding provide quarterly status reports, including progress and program fund expenditures.

  • Site visits from Foundation staff may be scheduled.


In order to fund the best possible research each year, The Campbell Foundation’s grant selection process is highly analytical. It is on par with the grant evaluations conducted by National Institutes of Health.


Review Process For Grants


  • A lay-language letter of intent (LOI) is required prior to submission of a full grant proposal. LOIs should include a brief description of the research aims, an approximate one-year budget, a list of collaborating research teams, how it is novel research, and an explanation of the relevancy to the HIV community at large within five to seven years from date of completion. Please limit LOIs to two pages.

  • LOIs are accepted during January, April, July and October of each year.

  • Once The Campbell Foundation invites a full proposal, grant requests should be as detailed and concise as possible. One hard copy (with any supporting documentation) should be sent by mail/FedEx and one must be submitted electronically. Please see our list of grant submission materials that must be included with all incoming proposals.

  • After initial screening, The Campbell Foundation’s peer review board reviews all invited applicant's funding proposals in detail. Peer review board members often write extensive comments to the applicant, offering ideas for research directions, pointing to existing research that may help the investigation or, if the grant is denied, explaining why. The Campbell Foundation Board of Directors also reviews and comments on the grant applications, and decides on final disposition.


All grant seekers are notified as soon as a final funding decision has been reached. All commentary is shared with the grant applicant.


We have no set deadlines, but since all grants are handled chronologically, we suggest submitting as early as possible.


Organizations funded by The Campbell Foundation report quarterly on their progress, and their research outcomes.


Some of our grantees received federal grants to further their studies based on our seed funding of their work.


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