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The Campbell Foundation has funded almost
200 research projects from around the world

The Campbell Foundation has funded more than 160 separate HIV/AIDS research projects at facilities throughout the United States and the world since 1995.


The range of research is broad and deep, but there is an essential thread that runs through all of the research – understanding how the human body interacts with the virus and the antiretroviral drugs that slow its destructive tide. Through understanding, a cure may be found.

The foundation has funded such research as:

  • Advancing research into longer-lasting PrEP

  • Pediatric studies to prevent the transference of HIV from nursing mothers to newborn children

  • Cognitive studies focused on neurological decline in patients with HIV (HAND)

  • Clinical trials to test medication regimen

  • The study of antioxidents to address premature aging and inflammation in patients with HIV

  • The use of acupuncture for inflammation in HIV patients

  • Delivering HIV medications to the reservoirs in the brain

Campbell Foundation funding

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