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News 2016

Hug it Out: Ten South Florida HIV Nonprofits Receive Grant Money For The Holidays

South Florida Gay News


The South Florida Gay News reports on The Campbell Foundation's "Holiday Hug" program and the distribution of  $65,000 to nonprofits serving the HIV+ community.

Opinion: World AIDS Day Reminds Us Much Work Remains to be Done


The Campbell Foundation's Executive Director Ken Rapkin discusses the advances that have been made in the area of AIDS research and what additional work remains.

How is Gut Health Linked to Brain Inflammation in People with HIV?

POZ Magazine

The Campbell Foundation awarded a $77,495 grant to Cristina Granziera, MD, PhD, of Massachusetts General Hospital, who is researching the gut-brain relationship in people living with HIV.

The Campbell Foundation Awards Grant to Explore Brain Inflammation and Mental Decline in HIV Patients

FHI Communications


The Campbell Foundation, awarded a $77,495 grant to Cristina Granziera of Massachusetts General Hospital. The money will be used to study the gut-brain relationships in HIV-positive patients.

Grants to "Deep Freeze" Latent HIV and Develop New Class of Inhibitors

POZ Magazine

Researcher Susana Valente, PhD, at Scripps Research Institute in Florida, received a $79,151 grant. She and her team are targeting latent HIV, the virus that hides in reservoirs throughout the body and isn’t affected by HIV meds.

The Campbell Foundation Awards Grant to Develop First-in-Class Drugs to Target "Viral Budding" of HIV

FHI Communications


The Campbell Foundation, awarded an $80,000 grant to Jonathan Leis, PhD, professor of microbiology-immunology at Northwestern University. The grant will be used to further his research into the development of drugs used to block the spread of new viral particles from cell plasma membranes infected with the HIV virus into susceptible cells.

Campbell Foundation's Ken Rapkin to receive Broward House Spirit of Hope Award

South Florida Gay News


The Spirit of Hope award recognizes impactful individuals who bring hope to the community through support of Broward House, as well as participation with its partners.

Drexel Researchers Get $75k For Compounds That Target HIV

Philadelphia Gay News


Dr. Irwin Chaiken and his team at Drexel University College of Medicine this month received a $75,000 grant from the Campbell Foundation, a Florida-based nonprofit that funds HIV/AIDS research.

Philadelphia Team Receives Grant

South Florida Gay News


The Campbell Foundation, a Fort Lauderdale based nonprofit HIV/AIDS organization, awarded a $75,000 grant to fund a team of researchers in Philadelphia.

$75K Campbell Grant to Study Long-Acting Treatment That Targets HIV Reservoirs

POZ Magazine


The Campbell Foundation awarded a $75,000 grant to Irwin Chaiken, PhD, for his work on developing a long-acting treatment that also targets and kills HIV hiding out in latent reservoirs in the body.

Campbell Foundation Awards Grants for HIV Research

Florida Agenda


Thanks to $30,000 fast-track grants awarded by The Campbell Foundation, three South Florida HIV/AIDS research groups have been able to successfully obtain critical state and national funding to further their investigational efforts.

How One Foundation is Fast-Tracking HIV Research

HIV Equal


They may not be the largest foundation dedicated to ending HIV, but The Campbell Foundation has a reputation for coming through when important research projects need a boost to continue their momentum.

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