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News 2014

Profile: The Campbell Foundation

Florida Trend


Chemist Richard Campbell Zahn invented Herpecin-L, a lip balm for treating cold sores. After his death in 1995 from complications from AIDS, his estate sold his assets, including Herpecin-L and used the proceeds to endow the Campbell Foundation.


New Technique for Bioengineering Stem Cells Shows Promise in HIV Resistance

UC Davis


Using modified human stem cells, a team of UC Davis scientists, funded in part by The Campbell Foundation, has developed an improved gene therapy strategy that in animal models shows promise as a functional cure for the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) that causes AIDS. 


Campbell Foundation Matches Major Grants to amfAR

South Florida Gay News


amfAR wants to get real close to curing AIDS by 2020—and now it’s $200,000 closer to that goal thanks to the Campbell Foundation.


Campbell Foundation Helps amfAR Secure $200,000 for Cure Research

Miami Herald


The Fort Lauderdale-based Campbell Foundation recently gave a $50,000 matching grant to amfAR, the national group that for nearly 30 years has provided money for AIDS research.


Campbell Foundation gives $50,000 HIV Cure Grant to amfAR

POZ Magazine


The Campbell Foundation has given a matching grant of $50,000 for HIV cure research to amfAR, the Foundation for AIDS Research. The grant also is intended to inspire other donors to give, which could result in up to $100,000.


Boston Children's Hospital Receives Research Grant

The New England Council Blog


New England Council member Boston Children's Hospital recently received and $85,000 grant to support research on tuberculosis (TB) and HIV. The funding was provided by the Florida-based Campbell Foundation, which provides HIV/AIDS research funding to organizations and hospitals nationwide.


Boston Children's Hospital Receives Grant to Study TB/HIV Co-infection

Boston Business Journal


The Campbell Foundation in Florida is helping progress research into treatment for patients co-infected with tuberculosis and HIV, granting $85,000 to researchers at Boston Children’s Hospital.


Fort Lauderdale-based Campbell Foundation Awards Grant to The George Washington University

FHI Weekly


The Campbell Foundation in Fort Lauderdale, FL is pleased to announce it has awarded scientists at The George Washington University a $79,375 grant to help further this groundbreaking research. If successful, it could open new avenues for better pharmaceutical interventions in the quest to find a cure for AIDS.


Jerry Nicklas Named to Board of Directors



Gerald "Jerry" Nicklas was names to the board of directors of The Campbell Foundation, a Fort Lauderdale-based nonprofit, dedicated to funding HIV/AIDS research.


Opinion: Don't Let Insurers Degrade HIV Coverage

Miami Herald


In May, several Florida insurers became the target of an administrative complaint filed by the National Health Law Program and the AIDS Institute alleging that they are charging “inordinately high co-payments and co-insurance for medications used in the treatment of HIV and AIDS.”

Campbell Foundation Fundraising Event

Fort Lauderdale Magazine


Dr. Ana Puga, medical director of the Comprehensive Family AIDS Program at the Children's Diagnostic and Treatment Center in Fort Lauderdale, served as keynote speaker at a fundraiser for The Campbell Foundation.

Campbell Foundation Makes Research Grant



The Campbell Foundation of Fort Lauderdale announced an $88,415 grant to the Johns Hopkinds University School of Medicine in Baltimore for research to reduce mother-to-child transmission of HIV/AIDS during pregnancy.

Fort Lauderdale Foundation Funds Research to Enable Tenofovir to Reach the Brain

South Florida Gay News


With money from Fort Lauderdale’s The Campbell Foundation, a New York-based research team stationed in Israel was able to overcome the “blood brain barrier” that prevents the HIV fighting drug Tenofovir from passing into the brain to fight the disease.


19 Years Searching for a Cure to AIDS

Council on Foundations


A lot has been accomplished over the years since HIV/AIDS first was discovered. Scientists have come a long way toward finding a cure, and in the process many of those afflicted with the disease are living much longer than in the past.


Funds for HIV Research

Miami Herald


Dr. Ana Puga, medical director for the Comprehensive Family AIDS program at the Children's Diagnostic and Treatment Center, was keynote speaker at a fundraiser for The Campbell Foundation.


In the Know



Nearly 100 Campbell Foundation supporters attend a fundraiser, which featured medical director of the Comprehensive AIDS Program at the Chidlren's Diagnostic and Treatment Center in Fort Lauderdale.


Local nonprofit hands out year-end grants



The Campbell Foundation, a charitable group operating out of Fort Lauderdale, focuses its largesse on HIV/AIDS research. But the foundation also hands out end-of-year grants to nonprofits that "work in the trenches, serving the HIV-positive community on a daily basis," said the foundation's program officer Ken Rapkin.

$80,000 Awarded to Vermont Group for HIV Research

South Florida Gay News


Vermonters researching a cure for HIV just got almost $80,000 to further their cause, thanks to a South Florida group. The Campbell Foundation awarded $79,954 to Vermont’s White River Junction VA Medical Center in the form of a grant.


Healthy Investment: The Campbell Foundation funds AIDS/AIDS research projects around the globe

Boca Raton Observer


It's been more than 30 years since the first report of what would quickly become the AIDS epidemic. In the past three decades or so cures have been sought and progress has been made with people living longer, healthier lives.


Introducing The Campbell Foundation


New for 2014, FCAA will be working to introduce the work of members and other top funders (as noted in our annual resource tracking publication). We're pleased to launch this effort with a blog from The Campbell Foundation, a top AIDS funder based in Florida.


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