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The Campbell Foundation’s Ken Rapkin to receive Broward House “Spirit of Hope” Award




Susan R. Miller

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FORT LAUDERDALE, FL, Aug. 3, 2016 – The Campbell Foundation, a Fort Lauderdale-based organization dedicated to funding HIV/AIDS research, is pleased to announce that its Executive Director, Ken Rapkin, will receive the “Spirit of Hope” award from Broward House.


The award was established to recognize the impactful individuals who bring hope to the community, not only through their support of Broward House, but also through participation with many of its partners. Rapkin will receive the award during an Aug. 30 reception to be held at the B Ocean Resort in Fort Lauderdale.

“We look to honor the individuals who make a difference, but who often are not recognized in our community, and demonstrate a commitment to increasing prevention and care and reducing stigma through their actions,” said Broward House president and CEO Stacy Hyde. “Ken is an example for many of us. He is committed to eliminating HIV from our society through research funding, while also bringing voice for us to still care, still act! He shows his support through his role at The Campbell Foundation, but also through his gentle, yet powerful personal presence in the community -- standing beside the other agencies, advocates and our clients in unity.”

Rapkin was named Executive Director of The Campbell Foundation in January. Previously, he served as Program Officer for the foundation since its inception in 1995. His role is to administer the grants program, including initial grant proposal screening. He also acts as liaison to the Peer Review Board and Board of Directors and coordinates all research/scientific information, as well as all aspects of grant funding – from initial grant receipt through final disposition.


"I am proud of Ken's steady leadership and his role at The Campbell Foundation, as well as his dedication to the cause of AIDS/HIV awareness within the community," said The Campbell Foundation’s Trustee Bill Venuti.


The Campbell Foundation’s and Broward House’s missions align closely with each other. The foundation’s focus for the past 21 years has been to fund research that will lead to a cure for HIV/AIDS. Broward House’s mission is to serve the HIV-positive community, as well as to reduce the incidence of HIV. Besides funding HIV research, The Campbell Foundation has supported direct service organizations since 1996 and is proud to be a long-time partner of Broward House.


"Although The Campbell Foundation's main funding lies in nonprofit HIV research, we realized long ago that while researchers try to eradicate the virus, people need ongoing daily support, care, and services," Rapkin said. "Thanks to organizations such as Broward House, we have been able to directly assist those in need and are very proud of our community partnerships.  I am honored to accept the Spirit of Hope Award on behalf of the foundation."



About The Campbell Foundation


The Campbell Foundation was established in 1995 by the late Richard Campbell Zahn as a private, independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting clinical, laboratory-based research into the prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS. It focuses its funding on supporting alternative, nontraditional avenues of research. In its 21st year, the Campbell Foundation has given away more than $10 million, with about $1 million going to direct services.

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