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How we helped others weather the storm

It's been quite a summer. We hope that you weathered the storm and that everyone has recovered. We know many others have not been as lucky. It will take a long time for those in Key West, Texas, Puerto Rico and other parts of the world to get back on their feet.

While a hurricane can be difficult on everyone, it's especially hard on those living with AIDS/HIV. Many can't get their medication or the services they desperately need. Others have been left homeless.

That's why when we heard that two HIV/AIDS community service agencies in Houston needed assistance, we stepped in, providing each with a $10,000 emergency grant to be used as they saw fit.

AIDS Foundation Houston and the Montrose Center were the beneficiaries. You can read more about those grants here. We continue to monitor the situation in other hurricane impacted areas and will determine at a later date how we can assist.

Research Focuses on Gene Editing Tool to Destroy

Latent HIV Cells in Lymph Nodes

We recently awarded an $80,000 grant to Kristine Yoder, PhD, to develop a CRISPR-based gene editing platform designed to eradicate HIV.

Yoder, an assistant professor of Cancer Biology and Genetics at The Ohio State University College of Medicine, is developing the use of CRISPR to disable the HIV-1 provirus, that is, copies of the HIV-1 genome that latently reside in the DNA of infected host immune cells. You can read more about the grant here.

Save the Date

Each spring, around the time of our anniversary, we hold our annual fundraiser. It takes a lot of work and planning to make it all come together. We couldn't do it without the help of our supporters.

Last year's event at the World AIDS Museum in Fort Lauderdale was such a success, we agreed we should hold it there again. Please set aside Feb. 25, 2018 for our annual cocktail party. We've been working diligently to round up some exciting auction items.

We also need sponsors. If you can help, or know someone who can, give Executive Director Ken Rapkin a call at 954-493-8822 or email him at Your donations are tax deductible.

In Memory

It's never easy to lose a loved one. Many of those in the HIV/AIDS community know all too well the losses suffered at the hands of this deadly disease. Why not pay tribute to a friend, colleague or loved one by making a gift in his or her name? There are many ways you can make a difference. Click here to learn more.

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