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Ken Rapkin Named One of POZ 100

The Campbell Foundation is pleased to announce that its Executive Director, Ken Rapkin, has been named one of the POZ 100. The POZ 100 list celebrates people working to end the HIV/AIDS epidemic. POZ Magazine notes the following:

"As the executive director of the Campbell Foundation, Ken doles out fast-track grants for scientific endeavors in HIV research, keeping recipients accountable and ensuring that every study is funded from start to finish.


Ken’s knowledge comes from more than 20 years in service with the foundation, which—unlike other funding organizations that have the support of big-name celebrities and

worldwide recognition—has worked quietly but effectively to help put an end to HIV/AIDS in the South. Recent studies funded by the organization include research into breaking down the blood-brain barrier to attack the viral reservoir, using first-in-class drugs to target viral budding of HIV and developing HIV-1 killer peptides."

Ken joins an impressive list including AIDS activists, nonprofit leaders, scientists, social workers, educators and others who POZ Magazine is recognizing for having "dedicated themselves to elevating lives and improving the health and well-being of those in their communities."

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